Our Products

Our products are developed in Sweden. Which means that we follow Sweden’s high standards for cosmetic products and that all produce carefully selected to make as little impact on the environment as possible.


Nõberu of Sweden’s haircare product line gently cleanses and cares for the hair and scalp, while also providing moisture. Our styling product line helps keep your hair in place without weighing it down.


Your beard and the skin underneath it are exposed to heat, cold and exhaust fumes daily, which means they need extra attention and care. Nõberu of Sweden’s beard product line includes everything from oil and shampoo to conditioner and styling products, which leave your beard looking magnificent, smelling spectacular and feeling fresh.


We have created a line of shaving products with carefully selected ingredients that protect and nourish your skin. The line contains high-quality products for every step, from careful preparation to aftercare. Shaving stresses the skin and the right products make a big difference. The line also includes products that stop bleeding in the event of nicks.


Our skincare products are developed to be gentle enough for daily use and effective enough to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin.


Noberu of Sweden has, razors, beard combs, brushes and other accessories to complement your daily ritual.