Our Ambassadors

At Nõberu we know that the importance of evolving as craftsmen is the need of inspiration and knowledge. Our way to share this is to team up with some of the best hairdressers and barbers we have in our Nõberu community. We call them our Ambassadors. Feel free to follow them on their instagram. We hope you will find inspiration from them, and maybe you want to become the next Nõberu Ambassador.

Stockholm · Sweden

Alan Mannerstål

What about the products does your clients love the most?

Well, not mentioning the fantastic scents (especially Tobacco Vanilla), they like the simplicity of the application. It’s very easy to achieve the result you’re looking for.

Why do you like Nõberu so much ?

I like the diverse product lineup, you can find the right styling for each individual. Everything from the fundamentals to finish products, it works on everyone

Logroño · Spain

Alvaro Calvo

What about the products does your clients love the most?
The best thing about Nõberu is that every man, regardless of the characterisitcs of his hair or beard, has a Nõberu product that suits him, and also with the highest quality.

Why do you like Nõberu so much ?
I was looking for a brand that would go hand in hand with my barbershop in terms of image and quality. I immediately realized the success with Nõberu.

Olomouc · Czech Republic

Jakub Jánoš

What about the products does your clients love the most?
Customers like simple and effective things, Boost Spray is a big favorite. 
I also see a growing interest in Salt Water Spray and Cream Pomade.

Why do you like Nõberu so much?
Noberu is interesting for me in its versatility and quality of products. I like the combination of products, brand philosophy and I also like that Nõberu tries to follow the Golden rules - reduce, reuse, recycle.  


Justo Javier

What about the products does your clients love the most?
The best thing about Nõberu is that its products can be mixed with each other and do not leave heavy residue, achieving a perfect finish for all types of hairstyles. Combining styling and grooming products like Beard Oil, Beard Tonic, Salt Water Spray, Pomades, Hair spray… you can achieve the perfection.

Why do you like Nõberu so much?
The first thing I loved about Nõberu was the packaging of the products, with respect for masculine beauty, luxury image and a brand guarantee to take barbershops to another level. This is our dream, the maximum success… and with Nõberu it is insured.


Piotr Staszewski

World Champion in men's hairdressing of the CMC Federation, a hairdressing judge with an international license, the originator of the first Polish Barbering Championships. A leading figure in Polish hairdressing. An educator who shares his over 20 years of experience during trainings and workshops organized in the best academies in Poland and in the world.


Copenhagen · Denmark

Rezgar Dahsti

I feel lucky that I learned Nõberu and the people behind the brand when they started back in 2016. Already then I loved the products, the scent, the modern and luxurious look. Over time they have evolved and added more products, which has made my day more fun in the salon, the products delivers what they promise.
Today after many years I feel even more lucky to still use products and work closely with the brand.

Do you also want to be an ambassador?

We are constantly looking for new talets to grow our community of ambassadors. If you have skills you want to share with the world, don’t hesitate to fill in the format. Hope to hear from you.